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a day off

for me and the builders; well, except I've done some work ;-)

Last week they took the back off the roof completely, finished the flooring and the flat roof above it, then built in the wooden frame for the back wall/roof (it's a mansard so hard to tell the difference!). The sash window gap is obviously here, a little higher off the floor than I'd expected. They've put in wooden framing support for the front roof - I'm hoping we get storage closets behind that though. The front roof is covered by tarpaulin but I can see the outline of the two Velux roof windows under the tarpaulin; high on the roofline, near the ridge.

After that, they knocked a nail through from the loft into the hall to measure the new floor level so they could work out the dimensions for the staircase. They sawed out a spindle from the bannisters to match and took a sketch and photos of the newel post too. And after that they asked us to take down the highest pictures in the hall so they could fit a false ceiling to collapse the hall ceiling on to. That's the wooden beams that Simon hit his head on (it's left a big mark on his head!); it's only temporary but it looks quite odd to see an extra ceiling there!

Tomorrow they want us to come up and have a look; they've put the internal walls in (I suspect the framing for the stud walls rather than the actual walls) and we can walk around on the flooring and look at the front roof and decide whether we need to reroof it while the scaffolding is up and work out where everything will go in the bathroom and how big the shower can be.

We still need to decide about several things we'll be ordering; we went out today to look at tiles for the terrace and saw a few we like. I've contacted some suppliers of steel windows to see if the window out onto the roof terrace next to the door onto the roof terrace could be one that pivots vertically. We wouldn't be able to open a sash or casement or rather it would be hard to close again, I think, because the door is at the top of the steps and the window is over the stairwell of the steps up from the floor below. I would like to have some kind of ventilation without leaving the door to the terrace open and I've seen a very nice example in a magazine; I need to scan in that photo and the plan and send those over to the window people. I also need to talk to the sculptor about the glass brick and metal screen that's going on the terrace, pick out bathroom pieces and fittings (match the taps from the other bathroom if they'll fit onto the Ikea sink we like), decide on floorboards and bedroom lights and earn some more money to pay for all this!

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