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that was fun, let's do it again!

Dinner at the couscous bar with drpete and lproven; the duck bastilla is as gorgeous as ever, the couscous mechoui is still half a shoulder of delicious lamb, the decor is as Changing Rooms as ever and the service as utterly horizontal as ever (after a few minutes we simply sat down at a table and waited - I was all in favour of helping ourselves to olives and menus!). Sadly they were out of the Algerian wine but the red wine we did have was very pleasant; and we were having such a nice natter that I didn't once look at the label. Such a fun evening that I don't mind (much) having to come home and work...


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8th May, 2003 19:43 (UTC)
It was indeed! Thanks for introducing me to it!

OK, so, taking a taxi to Wimbledon was an extravagance, but by bicycling that bit it should actually be pretty quick and convenient. I don't think I've come to visit since I've been down in Mitcham, and I really enjoyed tonight. It's about twice as quick and potentially less than half the cost of getting there from Balham, which is a surprise, considering that I was in the same borough before...

Hope the work goes/went well!
9th May, 2003 04:36 (UTC)
oh good! come more often!
work; done and sent in and *I think it's fine so they can too ;-)
9th May, 2003 00:31 (UTC)
Indeed! Lovely company, and a great introduction to Moroccan cuisine.

Most enjoyable..
9th May, 2003 04:11 (UTC)
Yum, sounds great! I love bastilla but not chicken so duck bastilla sounds just lovely. (leaping in to a conversation I'm not part of :-)
9th May, 2003 04:34 (UTC)
hey - if you have time, we'll take you there ;-)
9th May, 2003 10:22 (UTC)
My main day in London are the 15th & 16th, I think. I don't think wee have any set plans. I was planning on checking as soon as we get to town (we're staying with Michael in Bath on the 14th).
11th May, 2003 04:07 (UTC)
excellent; the Friday evening we've got tickets to see Ray Davies who plays very rarely and is one of my personal heroes (at the RFH, probably a couple of tickets left if you want me to book for you too?) but the rest of the time we should be quite free as I have a nice light work week ;-)
10th May, 2003 13:45 (UTC)
Mmmm, sounds good!
11th May, 2003 04:09 (UTC)
I think I took the_magician there once too! Just before we went to a movie and we shared the duck bastilla and the kazbar platter. Is definitely fan food ;-)
11th May, 2003 11:52 (UTC)
Well, he certainly has a weakness for duck (mmm ... duck!), so I wouldn't be at all surprised. And I'm a food fan, myself!
12th May, 2003 04:00 (UTC)
it's a date next time you're in the neighbourhood then? ;-)
13th May, 2003 00:09 (UTC)
It's a plan ... don't know when I'll be over that way again, though, or for how long.
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