Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Dear Nationwide - thank you for cancelling our insurance policy

No really, thanks. I mean if you hadn't changed your system so that you no longer renewed our contents insurance by default so that our policy expired while we were travelling in November and then not said you would take the payment and reinstate the policy when I phoned up to complain but not managed to process it and then not phoned me or written to me until today, when it was too late to reinstate the policy, I wouldn't have been annoyed enough with you to go and get a quote elsewhere and discovered that I could get better insurance for less than half the price - or that even premium insurance from cuddly brands like Marks and Spencer or Greenbee (John Lewis) are cheaper than you. You could also change the training you give your phone operators so that when they realise I'm upset they don't ask me 'how I am' while they look up my security details, but hey - if you did I might have lost the edge of fury that made it worthwhile shopping around. I owe you one (well, no, I feel like you owe me the extra money I've been paying you all these years that I didn't bother paying the £50 fine to take my home insurance elsewhere while you had my mortgage, but at least you're not gouging me any more - and I might even drop the gold credit card now you add a transaction fee to all my overseas payments and get myself organised and get that Santander Zero card instead). You gave us a good deal on our mortgage and you had us for over 12 years but now - yeah, it's over.

It's also possible to play a fun game called 'how low can this quote go'. Simon was getting quotes from Axa that were twice what I was seeing (though still cheaper than Nationwide); he halved the price by adding me to the policy (obviously a woman in the home stops so much stuff getting broken in all those drunken bloke parties) - and I took another 10% off by skipping the comparison sites and getting the quote directly from Axa. Who emailed my the policy documents in about 2 minutes (with paper copies coming by post) and give me an online form to alter my policy any time I want to add that insurance for spilling paint on the carpet. I feel like I'm at least in the twentieth century!
Tags: customer service, insurance, money, personal, rant

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