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Mr No Privacy has spoken again; no-one was harmed by Buzz (having your abusive ex find out where you work isn't harm, is it?) and we were all just confused about Buzz. Our bad, for worrying, eh? 

And when the Buzz team said people were 'rightfully upset'? Nothing like responsibility going all the way to the top, is there?  (and this is nothing like...)


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17th Feb, 2010 21:04 (UTC)
Re: Schmidt. O RLY? *eyeroll*

To give them some credit, the Buzz team have pretty much started to do what I and probably loads of other people were asking for in terms of fixes. When I filled out the feedback form for Buzz, I said I wanted one way to opt out of all the features, rather than having to disable things one by one. And I also said I thought they should apologize for the almighty mess. They seem to have started doing that.

I have more respect for the employees who are admitting they got it wrong, and are now trying to fix it, than for Schmidt, who seems to be on a whole other planet from the rest of us.
17th Feb, 2010 22:30 (UTC)
Yeah, right, as they say in NZ

the product team have mea culpa'd; Schmidt is playing to the gallery - and bodies like the Canadian privacy commissioner who went after Facebook and is investigating Google for Buzz. He's always been arrogant and this is business as usual - and around 2014 when Larry and Sergei hand over much more control to the board, Schmidt will be driving it.

When Microsoft realized they'd stuffed up security in Windows so badly that viruses could run riot, the message that this had to be fixed came from the top down. the message from the top down is that the business model is more important than the users. Microsoft turned things around and is now doing security right; perhaps Buzz will change Google in the same way but I'm not seeing the proof. Maybe if one of the abuse survivors had been attacked by someone who found them on Buzz they'd take it seriously but emotional distress obviously don't mean anything to our Eric (who once decreed that Google would not speak to Cnet for six months after Cnet looked him up on Google and disseminated information about him - funnily enough, it's really hard to find that story through Google).
17th Feb, 2010 22:47 (UTC)
Oh, the arrogance! It burns, it burns.

Grim times ahead in 2014 then.
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