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Microsoft has finally made the official announcement about the next version of Windows Mobile – Windows Phone 7 Series – but there’s a long list of questions that Microsoft says it won’t answer until the MIX conference in March. In the meantime, here’s what we do know about the phones that will be on sale for ‘the holiday season’ (which to US companies starts in October or November).
Read the answers I got and the questions I still have on ZDNet - with some images I haven't see anywhere else!


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16th Feb, 2010 16:00 (UTC)
The look of the Windows Phone 7 Series prototype demonstrated at Mobile Word Congress is has many similarities to the Zune HD[...]

Wow, Microsoft must have a bunch of spare cash to get the conference renamed ;-)

Is the large touch area on capacitive screens a general "feature", i.e. is it the same sort of size on iPhones, and how does it compare with resistive screens?

Good article!
16th Feb, 2010 16:58 (UTC)
I so do not want to go edit that post again; the editing system eats half of the post every third time and it's very frustrating!

yes, the large touch target is a 'feature' of capacitive screens (you say feature, I say bug); minimum hit target on the HD2 is 8mm and the iPhone will have to be similar. I don't know how the capacitive styluses get round this because the one I tried (on an HP screen) did ink much narrower than 8mm. Resistive screens have much finer digitizer registration - I don't know the minimum size but small enough to distinguish the tiny close buttons on some WinMo apps!
16th Feb, 2010 17:58 (UTC)
And yet everytime the iPhone vs resistive screen debate comes up, people are convinced that the hit target of capacitive screens is much smaller than for resistive ... obviously dumb people! :-)

I'm wondering if there's the equivalent of sub-pixel for 8mm hit, so you see how much leakage there is to the cells around the one you're on and average out where the central point must be.
16th Feb, 2010 18:03 (UTC)
you can do centroid detection - Microsoft does it on the Zune screen (it's capacitive) and the multitouch tech behind the Sidewinder x4 keyboard can be used with centroid detection.

the advantage I usually see touted for capacitive is responsiveness rather than accuracy! look at the size of buttons in the iPhone interface - the smallest button you see is probably going to be a god match for the minimum hit target.
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