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English spring

We've been driving around this weekend: twice to Ikea to get shelves for squeezing just a few more books onto and then today round the Great Park, down by the Thames, out to Runnymede and back through Chertsey and Richmond Deer Park. I do like English brick with wisteria flooding over it; I saw one wisteria on the riverside that had been pruned as a standard and had grown into a tree with a trunk I'd barely be able to put my arms around.

The downstairs neighbour has built a flowerbed in the front yard I'm going to plant up and we got a window box for the bedroom; we had to get one that fixes onto the sill rather than just sitting on it. It's not that I'd mind dropping it on his head - he can be really noisy at times - but the cats love to sit on that sill in the summer! They scare Simon by jumping across the 90-degree angle to the bathroom window and back - it's only one storey up!

And in all the green and the white of the may and the cow parsley and the pretty gardens, I thought how lovely it is that I won't have to go in to work tomorrow - that I can sit down and write instead. I'm so glad I went freelance!
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