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Amazing architecture without architects

I've been spending a little time clearing off the memory cards by importing a year's worth of photos I didn't have time to publish while we were on the road the last couple of years. After the Windows 7 PDC and before the Windows 7 WinHEC we went to Watts Towers, on a beautiful sunny day; it was closed for some renovation but we could still walk around the outside and enjoy the mosaic. It was made of concrete, broken cups, 7 Up bottles, impressions of tools and whimsy. It reminds me a little of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia...
Even more pictures of Watts Towers on Flickr

In turn, Thunder Mountain monument in Nevada reminded me of Watts Towers. We passed it on our epic Thanksgiving week road trip (passed it gong 'what is that!?', turned around and drove down the dirt road to take a look. It was built by a Cherokee who stopped there and didn't drive on, from salvage and trash, as a place to live and a commune and a commemoration of the things that have happened to the American Indian tribes in the last couple of centuries. It's an oddly moving place - and a fascinating contrast to the planned Arcosanti we visited on the same trip.

Even more picture of Thunder Mountain on Flickr

The bottle windows also remind me of the Hundertwasser toilets in New Zealand

Although some of the bottles there are side on, which gives you more light!
Hundertwasser toilets, New Zealand
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