Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

It would be painless if it worked...

Switching to a new Windows Mobile phone (because iPhone doesn't have a real keyboard and Android doesn't have good enough Exchange synchronisation and Symbian doesn't have far too many things and I don't have a Palm to try yet, and I haven't found an OS 5 update for my Bold to give it the ability to flag messages and I'd miss the better Web browsing) is rather less painful than it used to be. Plugging the phone into my Windows 7 PC and creating a partnership pops up the option to set up Exchange sync automatically, because Outlook already talks to Exchange; nice. OneNote will sync that way; I just have to drag all my notes into the new notebook it creates for the new phone and it works with the Outlook 2010 beta even though I haven't put the Mobile Office 2010 beta on the phone. Skyfire is just a URL away, as are most of my apps. I was going to install Microsoft MyPhone that way - to get all the photos and text messages that were backed up form my old phone - but it was on the 6.5 image on the handset, so that should have been painless; except I had to put in my Live ID FIVE TIMES before it recognised it, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't typing my password wrong EVERY TIME.

This is so Microsoft; they take a great idea and do a 90% implementation. It shouldn't be that hard to log in. And now I finally have it authenticated, everything will restore from the service automatically; including 1,700 ogg files on the miniSD card that are sound samples for CoPilot that I don't *want* to back up - but I can only say music files yes/no, storage card files yes/no. There should be an advanced mode that lets me choose file types, because I'm going to have to turn off music backup to stop those ogg files filling up the measly 200MB that MyPhone backs up, because the mobile operator doesn't want more data going over the damn network. Gah!
Tags: microsoft, rant, technology, windows mobile

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