Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

BlackBerry app reviews: reminders, TV recording, copying texts and finding the wretched thing

I'm never going to say to Simon 'did you see where I left my BlackBerry?' again; I will just email it and it will start making an awful noise and I'll know the cat has knocked it down the back of the radiator again - the glamorous life of a tech journalist... That's because I've installed Where's My Phone on it: read my review at Know Your Mobile

It's a close call as to whether Where's My Phone or txtForward was my favourite app from this set of reviews: with txtForward text and even PIN messages get emailed to me - and I can reply to them from my email, which means I don't have to switch devices to answer you. LaterDude turns missed phone calls and messages into reminders; I'm going to make Simon install it on his BlackBerry. But much as I wanted to like Sky Mobile, I didn't; yes being able to set up recordings on your Sky+ remotely is good, and clicking the EPG is much easier than constructing the syntax of a text message to trigger recording, but mobile TV just didn't work for me - and we've pretty much switched to using Sky+ on demand on our Media Center. Appointment TV is over and remembering to record things is dying off.
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