Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Getting touchy on TechRadar: Scrybe and SideWinder x5

Some of the things we saw at CES were too good to rattle off in a quick news story (and some of them were under NDA). We got to play with - and peel apart - the SideWinder x5 keyboard which uses strips of the same resistive multi-touch digitisers that make up a touch screen as the sensors for the keyboard, scanning all the time so you can hit lots of keys at once. Gamers will love it today, I'm waiting for the tech to get licensed and built into netbook keyboards so I can type more accurately at speed

Synaptics' Scrybe gesture system has already been updated once since the version we saw at CES; but is drawing on your touchpad a fast way to launch apps? Lots more detail on both in my pieces at TechRadar: follow the links...
Tags: articles, hardware, microsoft, technology, techradar, touch, writing

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