Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Dear bank - no, I do not want to sign up for your insecure security programme, I want to shop

I want to complete my online purchase; I do not wish to sign up for your not even slightly more secure security programme for my credit card because I keep my credit card secure already, I don't want to give you my date of birth to lose, I don't want you to tell me I've already used a password when I've never signed this card up for your service before and I object to you dealing with the appallingly insecure practices of credit card merchants and banks by making my life more difficult. Get out of my way and fix your own security issues instead (how about you make chip and PIN secure or actually shut down vendors like Tesco and PC World who break the chip and PIN rules every day? no, you'd rather get in my way and give me another password to forget, have compromised or have you reset to something appallingly insecure like BANKING1 when you allow your banking site to be cloned because doing it right is much harder than annoying the shopper). And then, dear bank, you block my transaction as fraudulent...

All this from a Web site that delivers me an order confirmation on an https page that is full of content that doesn't come via https and some that shows up with a security certificate error, compromising the security of the page so much that my browser declines to show half of it. I'm going to find somewhere else to buy a server next time.
Tags: ecommerce, rant

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