Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Two minute Windows 7 demo

At the end of lunch, one of the people we were meeting asked 'should I/why should I get Windows 7?'. I grabbed Simon's tablet PC and thought 'what should I actually show off?'.
30 seconds - boot is much faster
30 seconds - searching for control panels, apps, documents, emails, appointments
15 seconds - jump lists
5 seconds - pinned and active icons on the taskbar
5 seconds - unified network pop-up menu
5 seconds - Action Center
15 seconds - Aero snap 
2 seconds Aero peek
5 seconds - Task manager and the low cpu usage when nothing is happening
If we'd had a local network I'd have spent another minute showing homegroups and play to but we were in a restaurant so I just said 'it's much better' for the last 8 seconds. I continue to be impressed that I can be impressed enough with Windows 7 to show it off; and the fact that umpteen different features blend into a general 'it's much better' feeling is actually a good thing for users who will just be happier (though maybe not for Microsoft who has to sell product since 'it's better' can be as much about it not being as good before as being better now...)
Tags: microsoft, technology, windows 7

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