Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

How NOT to get work from an editor

1. Send an email that is badly written, with poor English and incomplete sentences (it doesn't have to be a formal job application letter but your email is your first chance to show me that you're a good writer I want to have working for me) 
2. Say that you want to write for the title they edit and indicate your expertise but don't suggest a specific topic or feature that tells me you understand the magazine and the audience
3. Don't read the title to see what areas it covers (or do read it but don't understand it!)
4.  Indicate an expertise in an area that the title doesn't cover and say you want to write about that
5. When the editor politely explains that the title doesn't cover that area, argue with them and insist that the title must cover that area - because that's always the best way to get work
Tags: rant, writing
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