Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Dear idiots: climate *change*

I'm seeing the usual idiotic comments that if the UK is having an unusually cold winter, global 'warming' must be a crock. To the hard of thinking let me point out that the mechanism is global warming of the greenhouse layer (many mechanisms, including black carbon from cooking fires which is a huge proportion of the issue) but the result is climate *change*. An ice age is just as likely as a desert if you destabilize the sytem and one outcome is that some places will get hotter, some will get colder and they're all going to be harder to live in. We're going to miss our weather system when it's gone... or as our friend Peter cheerily pointed out, we live on a complex self-healing system and we shouldn't worry because the system will deal with any problem; including us!
Tags: rant

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