Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Things I could have said with a lot more innuendo

"I now expect all small hard things to explode in my mouth"
(on eating a raspberry after eating pop rocks scattered over kumquat ice cream with black sesame seed cake and kumquat confit: well, I do!)

Shibuya - our favourite restaurant in Vegas - was out of mango, so I had pop rock kumquat instead of my usual mango sashimi and it was awesome. Standouts in an always excellent meal: hamachi sashimi of surpassing tenderness, tempura rock shrimp, soft shell crab in amazing sauce, dragon roll with mango... it's all good.

new beers tried: hitochino expresso stout, morimoto buckwheat stout. mmmmm! and it was so nice to sit down for dinner and chat with people rather than grabbing appetisers from tables as we walk from one stand to another. actually, having walked several hundred miles, it was pretty nice to sit down anywhere! now, back to work!
Tags: food, las vegas, travel

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