Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Cute pets, scary brownies - oh and mountains

A lovely drive through Zion. today: we went up and through the tunnels and enjoyed the mountains and the snow and the quiet. We also drove to the other end of the park, to the road past the finger canyons, which we didn't do either time we visited before: lovely and dramatic and an excellent chance to use the walking poles to check how deep the snow at the viewpoints is. Then up to Cedar City for cheaper gas and back to Springdale to catch the last of the light on the peaks. The mountains mean there's not much sunset here but the stars make up for that. we dragged the covers off the hot tub and had a soak before walking around the corner to Oscars which does rather healthier versions of the standard mexican and burgers (wholemeal buns, chopped in garlic and sweet potato fries, although the scale model mesa of whipped cream on the brownie we shared made up for that). Had the Zion amber ale again, and the IPA rather than the jamaican lager.

On the way to and from dinner we had a lovely visit with the hotel kitten (9 months or so I'd say, black and white and quite adorable - purring, playing, curling up, patting the straps of my bag and making it quite clear when she wants pettings). Also met a delightful greyhound rescue at one of the viewpoints, who came asking to be petted then leant on me and buried her head: friendly rather than neurotic and a beautiful brindled lady.
Tags: beer, food, travel
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