Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

En voyage!

Off to Vegas for CES, so reach us by email rather than phone now :) still a few meetings to tie up before things kick off...

Next year I think I want to fly to LA and drive to Vegas because I just don't like Gatwick: it's further away, the planes are older, the terminal is (sniff!) chav central and the gates are miles away. The refurbished Virgin clubhouse seems smaller and (wah) I couldn't get a slot for a kmassage. Also the world, his wife, their nine children and their first-time-traveller aunt are flying today...

security: all visas being checked, with trick questions (what does the i stand for?), normal security scan then full rummage through bags and pockets at the gate, shoes off, pat down. It's a little more tedious but not too bad. Let's see what the last hour holds though!
Tags: travel
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