Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Commonly mistaken

It annoys me when people use plethora as it it meant 'many' when it means 'too many'. It infuriates me when people use détente as if it meant impasse. Decimating removes only one in ten of your opposition. The curate's egg was off, and 'up to a point, Lord Cocker' means 'not in the slightest'. So in the spirit of occasionally spotting the beam in my own eye, I'm recording the correct form of what's usually called Sturgeon's Law; despite the version in the OED, '90% of everything is crud' is actually Sturgeon's Revelation (March 1958 issue of Venture Science Fiction, 1951 talk at NYU); and Sturgeon's Law is 'Nothing is always absolutely so' (1956, Galaxy).
Tags: quote, rant, writing
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