Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

A year in motion: 2009

I went to pretty much all the same places as Simon, and it was a very US-centric year.

Countries visited: US, Spain, Jersey (the original)

New states visited: Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado (just done airport touchdowns before), Massachusetts, the New England states on the train line from Boston-New York

Familiar states become more familiar: Arizona*, Utah*, California*, Oregon*, Washington*, Nevada*, New York* (that's not just multiple nights, that's multiple visits)

Familiar airports: LHR, LGW, LAS, SFO, SJC, LAX, SEA, MCO, JFK, JER

New airports: Newark, Hilo HI, Honolulu HI, Boston, Ontario CA 

New modes of travel: train from Boston to New York, BART from SFO into San Francisco, true monorail around Newark airport, barge around the American Southwest (I don't know what else to call the Grand Marquee we rented)

Trains revisited: London Underground, Barcelona Metro, New York subway, LA Metro

Road trips: Five national parks in five days (Grand Canyon, Navajo national monument, Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion: Las Vegas - Arizona - Utah - Las Vegas) - Down the Washington and Oregon coasts to SF (Seattle, Olympic peninsula, Oregon coast) - Up the west coast from San Diego to Seattle (through the middle of Oregon via Crater Lake and the Willamette Valley) - Around Big Island (stopping just about everywhere) - Round the Southwest for Thanksgiving (via two Microsoft stores, one arcology, one petrified forest, the Rockies and the Salt Lake: LA - Mission Viejo - Palm Springs - Scottsdale AZ - Flagstaff - Gallup NM - Trinidad CO - Grand Junction CO - Elko NV - SF)

Novel experiences: tasting on a coffee plantation, tree frog choruses, watching turtles, doing a show at Madison Square Gardens, leaving a credit card in a ticket machine in Barcelona, reaching gold on Virgin, visiting two observatories (Palomar and the Griffith), liking New York

Highest point reached without a plane: 11,000 feet on the freeway through the Rockies
Tags: annual, travel

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