Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Flying: pretty random

The reason there's so much FUD about the changes to in-flight and airport security processes is partly that the US government wants the process to be "unpredictable" - which doesn't strike me as the best idea in the world, because while it might stop a terrorist preparing it's just as likely to confuse staff and passengers - and partly that it's now down to the discretion of the captain. "At the captain's discretion, passengers can once again have blankets and other items on their laps or move about the cabin during the tail end of flight. In-flight entertainment restrictions have also been lifted. The airline officials spoke on condition of anonymity because federal safety officials had not publicly announced the changes." Because telling people what's going on is never helpful...

Virgin is saying 'arrive at the normal time, go straight to the gate' so I think we'll arrive a little early and stop in the lounge as usual. Before Christmas they told me upper class on our flight was almost sold out and there were no upgrade seats; the smaller upper class cabin on Vegas flights makes it harder to spend miles on upgrades but thanks to all sensible people wanting to stay as far as possible from airports for the foreseeable future we now have comfy seats at the front of the plane where the captain - and his instruments, the cabin crew - are usually in a much better mood and are less likely to take away my book and blanket...

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