Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

can haz goose!

For most of the years that we have been together, Simon and I have made the trek to Jersey for Christmas, to spend it with his family. Family good thing of course, but the Christmases I like the most have been when we've stayed home, seen friends and had a quiet time together, gorging on goose and TV/DVD/movies - I tend to be on the go pretty much all year round and we take a day here and there while we're on the road rather than a proper time-off holiday and those Christmases were a full hiatus. And while it's easy to pick up a goose off the shelf for Christmas, they tend to be all gone by New Year. Not this year; next to the very lovely and nicely reduced free range chickens was an even lovelier free range goose that we staggered home with. As I have man flu I'm close to hibernating with knitting and the goggle box (Burn Notice, The Closer, Raiders of The Lost Ark and Iron Man) and the goose will add the correct level of corpulence and torpor ;-) I think I'll skip my usual onions stuffed with apple and stuffing/apple stuffed with onion and stuffing combo in favour of using up a pile of the elderly apples in the kitchen in sauce and there will be the usual juggling of hot pans of fat and hot sterilised jars to produce both roast potatoes today and the promise of roast potatoes for years to come. After two or three meals of goose I usually strip the bones and shred and pound the meat with fat to make goose rillettes that keep for about a week; as we're off to CES on the 2nd I might strip/shred/pound/freeze instead. Am so happy I would cuddle the goose, if I could lift it ;-)
Tags: food, travel

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