Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Web pads are back: first look at the Toshiba JournE Touch

The quickest way to get traffic is to talk about the Apple 'tablet' - which can be the perfect device of your dreams, at least as long as nobody knows what it is, and possibly even when it's announced (Fake Steve says it so well: "True fanpersons are always ready to buy whatever we make, without question, because they know the object will give meaning to their lives.") The CrunchPad fiasco and the Joo Joo bait and switch (they're making pre-sales and sending out review units without having the actual product they're going to sell even designed yet) are also good headline fodder. But Toshiba are actually out there shipping a tablet (I'm ignoring the fact that tablet PCs have been around for years and that I've been using one since 2002, because this is part of the current interest in things that aren't PCs, in the (I think) mistaken belief that a less powerful operating system will automatically be less complicated, but I will note that I've seen all this before when Web pads launched and failed a few years back (Tulip anyone?)).

The JournE Touch has a 7" screen. It has Facebook. It has YouTube and Flickr and IM and a browser... But as I say on TechRadar, I don't think Toshiba is quite sure yet who or what it's for.
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