Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Joo Joo booboo?

So I'm confused. Fusion Garage has responded to Crunchpad's toys out of the pram lawsuit with a press release, debating some of the points in the lawsuit. It has a little more detail about their defence than typically goes out before the actual court date, but hey, this one will get tried in the court of public opinion long before anything legal happens, so that's not what's puzzling me. It's this section.
Another example of Fusion Garage “doer status” in bringing the joojoo to market is the Company’s now defunct relationship with ODM Pegatron.  Fusion Garage established this relationship after Arrington’s promises of hardware development support proved to be hollow. Fusion Garage is now working with another top tier ODM to develop a completely new board and mechanical layout that is the basis for the joojoo. To state, as the lawsuit and accompanying blog post do, that Fusion Garage’s joojoo is based on any Pegatron IP is false.
So. Arrington said he'd find the hardware guys, but FG found their own hardware guys: points to FG. But then they're not using those hardware guys: does that mean FG didn't find good hardware guys? No points to FG. FG is sending out samples and making pre-sales: points to FG. But the new hardware guys are developing a completely new board and chassis. Either the old board and chassis weren't so hot (I saw Arrington say the Crunchpad could run for 'hours at a time' before crashing; um, that's not good, guys): no points to FG. Or they were good but for some reason FG aren't using them: again, no points to FG. And they're making pre-sales and sending out review units without having the actual product they're going to sell even designed yet? minus several million points to FG for vaporware at this point.

And am I the only person who remembers the Webpad debacle? sheesh...

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