Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

I hate TicketMaster

They make you do a capcha to even see tickets. Then they send you through long rigmarole screens with a 2 minute timeout. Then there is no way to use anything but a US or Canadian credit card - for a New York show! This is the cultural melting pot and tourist destinatin but Ticketmaster says the rest of the world can drop dead. By this time your ticket offer has expired. Madison Square Gardens has an in-person box office but the phone number only goes to Ticketmaster. And when you call them you have to deal with a tedious one question at a time answer by the numbers voicejail system to buy tickets. And if you wanted anything further to complete the experience, how about gouging international customer an extra $2.50 for collecting tickets when it's free for US and Canadian cardholders. I hate Ticketmaster and actively wish to destroy the company. I suppose they're too ignorant to even do online sentiment mining so I shall have to mail this to them myself.
Tags: rant
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