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I've been a big fan of Live Search Mobile and the Bing version that replaced it for Windows Mobile. I put it in my top 15 WinMo apps recently, I use it for directions instead of Google Maps Mobile and I tout it of another example of how Bing gives you answers rather than information. Not any more it doesn't.

The new version that Bing asked me to download this evening sports a new (grey) interface with Bing styling, instead of the colourful - and nicely obvious - icons. Movies gets a big ad at the bottom of the screen; just like the old icon for finding movie times but somehow more important than anything else Bing can do (judging by the fact that it's twice the size). News pushes its way in, because obviously I want to search for that on the move more than anything else (not). And the 'always a day out of date but still incredibly useful' service comparing gas prices at local garages? (i saw gas not petrol, because it only worked in the US). Gone. It's not even hiding in the transportation section, which has no category for petrol stations, gas stations or garages of any kind (Microsoft seems to be suggesting you park the car and take a ferry to reduce global warming); it's just gone. As is the option to tell Bing when I'm in the US and want to get US services and results and when I'm in the UK and don't. So that's about half as useful for a start. That's a first; updating an app and making it less useful. Bing is all about taking data and turning it into useful services, so why take them away from the phone where you need them most?

This is as bad as Microsoft unveiling its other flagship Windows Mobile app, the beta of Office 2010 and giving it the sum total of maybe 5 new features (and a business only Sharepoint app). Dear Microsoft: it appears to have escaped your notice that the smartphone marketplace has a great many consumer users in, and they're increasingly picking other platforms? WinMo has 9% market share, 3% share of apps and Web pages with ads on served through the AdMob network and a glorious future behind it. Or more briefly...

Dear Windows phone team. You're doing it wrong.


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8th Dec, 2009 03:49 (UTC)
Welcome to our world... hence Android, Blackberry and iPhone apps coming.
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