Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Online banking fail

I'm not quite so much of a fan of State Farm bank any more. Yes, it still makes our American friends fall over laughing (you have a bank account with an insurance company!). Yes, it's still the only bank I've found with no $10 fee for incoming domestic wire transfer (which is why I'll stick with them). But they've just changed their terms and conditions and their online banking. Instead of unlimited ATM rebates, I'll only get $10 of rebates per statement cycle unless I have a deposit via an automated clearing house; I don't know if my wire transfers count as clearing house deposits and I often don't earn and spend in the same month - so I shall have to rely on cashback and friends ATM much more. And most annoyingly, the online site changed on November 10th - maybe for the better, maybe not. But among the things I would have had to do before November 6th was taking a  record of transactions older than 60 days on the site (before I could go back to the opening of the account and see everything, so I copied information about once every six months when doing my expenses and taxes). As we didn't get to the US until the 7th or to our post box till Friday, that wasn't going to happen. But when it's about ebanking and you have my email, might it not be pretty 21st century to email me as well as writing to me?

All in all, State Farm goes down from 10/10 to 7/10 in my rating. Maybe lower once I work out what this 'minimum balance' thing is...
Tags: banking, ecommerce, rant

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