Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Why Adobe likes open source

It's not for the obvious reason. "There is no ‘free’ in open source; there is no ‘free’ in free software - for Adobe, our expenses go up," says 'open source's undercover agent' Dave McAllister - better known as the Director of open source and standards for Adobe. Simon and I had the chance to chat with him at the Adobe MAX conference at the beginning of the month and you can read what he said to us over on The H.

He’s the man who brought open source to Silicon Graphics and NEC and advisor to Warburg Pincus on how to make money investing in open source. "At one point I got the title of open source's undercover agent," recalls Dave McAllister. He was recruited by Adobe as Director of open source and standards with a specific mission: "I was hired to, a) start an open source process and, b) get PDF approved as an ISO standard." So: mission accomplished?
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