Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Coffee puppypuppypuppy beer

After a writing day on Sunday we did a little pottering around yesterday: brunch at Coastal Cafe (lobster scramble, cuban hash, syrupy bunuelos and coffee), then more coffee at 'Inspired by Starbucks' with daveon (trendy coffee and wine bar - but how far does that stand out in Madison Park, let alone in Seattle?) then back to D&MKs to meet the new puppy. Tara alternately melts on your knee then rushes around and steals toys from Tyson: seeing a tiny puppy win a tug of war by sitting down on the toy is very funny. Then off to a Windows house party (in a bar!) and dinner at Bings (with a name like that it's journalistic duty!). then far too much time browsing domino knitting ideas and I don't even have yarn with me! oh, and book buying. but there's more of that in our future!
Tags: food, seattle, travel
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