Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

LA: piece of cake, slice of pie

A painless if perkless journey: our taxi arrived just as we snapped open the flea treatment for the cats and all our travel fu must have gone on fixing the air traffic computer because we couldn't score an upgrade, a massage or a dip in the closed-for-service hot tub but we did have a nice lunch, himself got a haircut and we took off and landed on time. through immigration in ten minutes and our chattily camp limo driver got us through the LA Led Zeppelin traffic to the hotel in welcome upholstered comfort. the taxi driver to the restaurant wasn't nearly as good: my first day of driving in LA he said, and needed lots of directions. the J lounge doesn't quite live up to its reputation: it's hard to complain about anywhere that serves Nieman Ranch meat and Irony pinot gris and maybe it was the palate of jet lag, but I think it majors on trendy rather than cuisine.
The revolving cocktail lounge at the Westin Bonaventure is called the Bona Vista: varder the eek on her, with souvenir cocktail glasses the shape of boots. The whole hotel is odd, with ponds and fountains and lamellar jets and ceramic statues with applique ceramic breasts and colour-coded external lifts as dangled from by The Governator in True Lies (there's a plaque on the lift) and oval 'pods' at the edge of the atrium levels, which have fitness equipment in... We walked down to the convention centre to register for MAX, at just the right time while it was warm and sunny and just before it became baking hot. It was the tail end of the LA Triathlon so lots of the streets were closed, meaning we didn't have to wait for the streetlights, but did have to detour around the finish line - so now we know a shortcut into the back of the conference centre. And now we're off on a tourist bus trip!
Tags: food, travel, wine

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