Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

social, sleepy, shopping - alphabetised

A delightfully socialised weekend, with natf staying over to get to her knitting classes (and making an iPhone sock that I promptly stole from Simon), le picnique de mon old workmate Ben and Jenny in sunny St James Park (mmm: scones) and a pleasant, chatty bibulous dinner with Chris Green: things to remember include Kenwood and Viansa to visit in Napa and Sonoma and getting to Waitrose before Tuesday. We went to Whole Foods today with natf and neilf instead, to rush around in circles for lunch (everything S left me queuing for was off the menu, making for a rather da capo queuing experience and sloppy burritos for both of us) and Anchor Steam and Blue Terra chips and other lovely USanian things (plus their half-price italian sandwich bread: yum). That wrapped up the hangover nicely and while Simon napped on the sofa and had a bath I got stuck in reshelving books. We're merging and alphabetising the trades and hardbacks and I originally through A-H would go where the trades used to go: I just got A-B in there, after much juggling every time we found another pile of books to add in, and my Charle De Lint pile has pride of place, out of order. The room is still full of piles of books but the piles are now arranged in order and apart from P and R, the books in the pile are in alphabetical order too, so we just need to pull down the books that aren't staying on the shelves, alphabetise the books already on the shelves and slot in the books from the piles. S promises to help tomorrow evening so we might one day see the coffee table again!

We've also put two new wineracks in the bottom of the drinks cupboard and grouped the whiskeys on the same shelf and packed up the last things to go into the storage unit and stuffed my stash of yarn into boxes in the bottom of the games bookcase and tidied out the craft drawers under the craft table in the corner... that means the front room has almost recovered from the overspill and decluttering from emptying the spare room for tanais...

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