Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Windows Messenger: time to update, time to complain

Windows Messenger is going to start nagging you about updating soon; by the middle of September, if you;re on some versions it's going to force you to upgrade. and if the installer is the same as it was a few weeks back when I went through our Win 7-installfest, you;re going to be cursing it.

Dear Windows Live team
Can I say that you could stand to improve the upgrade install process? My last experience was so annoying that I haven't made the time to check if I need to update, because I know it can take an hour or more. If I just want to upgrade to the new Messenger, I shouldn't have to deal with all the rest of the Live apps at the same time, I shouldn't have to untick the toolbar and the Family Safety, I shouldn't have to download Silverlight, I shouldn't have to tell you not to change my default search provider - I should have those options but they shouldn't be forced on me and they shouldn't be default. And I should not have to shut down every single app I'm running to get the install to succeed. It's no longer good enough to say install isn't something people do often enough for annoyances to matter; the Live apps are frequently refreshed and the installer needs to be much more efficient and lighter weight. You tell me that you know this. You told me in March that you knew this and would learn the lessons. How about you don't make me wait until Wave 4 in October to see that you have learned the lessons?
Tags: microsoft, rant, technology, user experience

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