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25 years of roast duck noodle soup

After a pleasant afternoon cruising down the river on a Thames barge sipping Pimms and a pleasant and potentially useful evening in the Horniman with that nice Mr Godwins sipping Doom Bar and Wandle and Cornish IPA, himself and myself and tanais felt peckish so we headed off to the Wong Kei for supper. Obeying the injunctions (upstair! upstair!) and climbing away, it struck me with some incredulity that I've been coming to eat here for some 25 years.



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21st Aug, 2009 04:44 (UTC)
OOOooooo... what a *wonderful* thing to be able to eat for 25 years...

... *sniffles* for roast duck noodle soup...
21st Aug, 2009 09:47 (UTC)
minor interruptions like not living in London all that time and them shutting once (we thought tax fraud because it's cash only but actually it was 'clean the place up by painting it') - I guess that's why it doesn't feel like 25 years back to back ;-)
21st Aug, 2009 08:00 (UTC)
Don't think I've been going for quite that long. I think it was Gail Chester from the Leeds Uni SF group who pointed me at the WK as a good place to go get food when I used to hitch down to London for Tuns and Troy Club evenings (the Troy was still going when I was back in London last year - and they were totally gobsmacked to see a gen-u-ine 1980s membership card: but I'm told there's now some kind of comedy club operating under the name of the Troy at my other late night haunt from SCEE days - the Cro Bar - so I don't know if this means the Hanway St venue is gone for good).

But yeah, the WK: avoid the "mixed meat" (definitely more the former than the latter) and always bring enough actual cash....

I think I had my first moutai there, too, when some folk at the same table ordered a bottle(!) and then left without finishing it.

Nasty memory: there was some kind of robbery with arson at the amusement arcade across the road, and the charred remains of a tied-up body were found in the basement, this led to a whole bunch of sick jokes about the roast pork on the menu.
21st Aug, 2009 10:02 (UTC)
84-09... back in the 80s there were queues up the stairs every night and it could take 20 minutes to get a table, so people would walk past the queues and sit down without asking, to be told fairly by the waiters 'you no wanna wait, you buggerroff'. And then there was Wayne.

Wayne was probably from Essex. His more vocal girlfriend certainly was. Wayne was dressed up for the West End. White jeans, white shirt. White boots. White leather cowboy jacket with fringes and beads. He might have been tanked up for the evening too. He was certainly failing to get on with the strangers sharing his table - at busy times, you share the big round tables and keep track of whose teapot is whose. His girlfriend was trying to calm things down; 'don't do it Wayne!' she begged; 'he's only trying to provoke you.' Wayne ignored her and lurched to his feet, offended by whatever the provocation had been - and took the plate of Hong Kong style sweet and sour pork right in the cowboy jacket.... he did seem provoked.
21st Aug, 2009 09:15 (UTC)
Wow. There must be some good food there!
21st Aug, 2009 09:54 (UTC)
good simple Cantonese done right - and cheap. lurid orange sweet and sour pork that's the perfect mix of crispy and sweet and meaty. odd things that always used to be on the secret chinese menu but now we could order intestines if we wanted. you can get plate meals - one dish with rice - a lot of which is comfort food like egg and prawn or egg and char sui, so it's good for a casual meal as well as a full share and mix chinese. and the soups are a little smaller than waggamama and far less fancy - thin noodles, wonderful stock base and a portion of cold roast duck chopped in or won tons floating; rich flavours that taste of meat and more meat in the stock, and I'm sure MSG by the handful. Eat on the canteen floors downstairs rather than the big tables upstairs and the clientele is mostly chinese; like New World for dim sum, that makes me think it's on the authentic side (that and the intestines!)
21st Aug, 2009 10:47 (UTC)
That all sounds very, very good. I like wagamama, but it ain't my mother's home cooking! It's nice, but sometimes I want something that's a little less fancy and a bit more comforting - closer to something that my grandma might whip up for dinner. Sounds like you've found the sort of place that does that kind of food. My mouth is watering at your description!
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