Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Dear Barbican, fix your ecommerce site - no love, me

The first time, it was my fault; I got halfway through booking tickets for Ludovico Einaudi in October at the Barbian, couldn't remember my password, went to look it up and got distracted. Fill in the password, discover there are no tickets in my basket; OK, it timed out.
The second time, my card didn't go through (this happens one time in a few; I obviously need to phone MBNA pretending to be John Lewis and sort it out; I love getting the vouchers but I pretty much hate operating the John Lewis card because the experience is awful) and when I went to put in another credit card - there were no tickets in my basket again!
Also, no I don't want to save 25p by paying for my ice creams three months in advance. Maybe if you didn't put an extra screen in the booking process just to turn that down, it would be slightly less irritating to go through the booking three times.

But. Einaudi. Barbican. October 24. New work, yay!
Tags: ecommerce, rant

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