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Today we are made of Office 2010

Hands on at Tech Radar

Microsoft is finally letting people try some of the Office 2010 applications. The Technical Preview code includes the main desktop applications, but not the web apps or the SharePoint server that you need to run those web apps and enable live collaboration; we haven't seen the improved Windows Mobile Office apps, either. Without those key features, how much is actually new in the new Office? We got our hands on the code to find out. Read on for our early Office 2010 review.

The Office 2010 versions
Microsoft has confirmed that it has simplified the lineup of its verious Office 2010 SKUs and that all versions of the software will contain OneNote. So what do you get?

Don't like the ribbon? You will!
You have to get used to the Office 2010 ribbon - and now it’s a lot easier to get used to.

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