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high word score

words learned for reasons other than their intrinsic meaning: intense upper class accent discussing why the state would be the loser in a split between church and state. Ah, I said with a chuckle of glee: so that's antidisestablishmentarianism - never seen it in public before.

This was followed by a gleeful laugh as I chalked up another favourite cliché; Officium (Jan Garbarek & the Hilliard Ensemble) might be the finest album ever recorded and is probably the one piece of music I wouldn't want to live without, so I never mind hearing it. But I suspect that Radio 4 (for it was she) has got a bulk discount on the copyright because whenever there's a piece about any period of history from the Crusades to the Victorians that has even a sniff of the church in it, there it is plain(chaunt)ive in the background...

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