Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Intel and Nokia: going to have to run to catch up with ARM and Google - and RIM

What did Intel and Nokia actually say about their partnership yesterday, apart from "we can't tell you that yet"? Read my story over at The H; the big winner is mobile Linux.

That's not the same thing as mobile open source, as HTC showed this morning - launching what I think of as the first 'independant' Android phone; it's got the Android equivalent of the HTC Flow interface on it (I wonder if that will slow it down at all), it's not been pushed by the Android folk to look far too much like a Sidekick and it has full Flash on. I can no longer wave my copy of Skyfire on Windows Mobile and say I have the only full Flash mobile browser - but I still get Silverlight and PDF and my banking site works ;-)

And the BlackBerry is charging ahead as a consumer phone as well as a business tool; Simon and I have a batch of app reviews over at the ever-expanding Know Your Mobile site - did you know you could get free dictation software from Vlingo?
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