Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Microsoft to sell Pear computers

Wandering through building 37 on campus, I spotted a model building; 'what's that?' I aked. 'A model of the new Microsoft store,' answered my source. Or a new story on TechRadar. I've not seen this image anywhere before, so maybe I have a tiny scoop (make mine salt caramel gelato): I'm not sure how many journalists get the offer of being left to roam around the main Windows team building unescorted ;-)

Head over to the TechRadar story for a few more details - including a shot that zooms in on the make of the model laptop at the front of the store...

I know this is called a 'store'; to me it's much more like an experience parlour, same as the Apple shops (where everything I ever want is out of stock when I go in, but that's just me). There are way cool things on Windows; Microsoft wants somewhere with brighter employees than Frys to show them off. It needs a fridge of Talking Rain at the back...
Tags: articles, microsoft, photo, technology, techradar, writing

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