Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Spamming my savings account for £20?

I actually don't mind companies offering me a bribe to do their marketing for me; it shows they understand the power of personal recommendation. And I have told plenty of people about HiSAVE/ICICI before as a good deal. The rates are down from the really high 6-7% I used to get, but 3.75% isn't bad for a no-notice account with no fancy penalties and I looked around and decided to leave my cash there. The urgency has gone from checking if banks are protected, but they're directly governed by the FSA and with a large backing bank in India they feel safer than UK financial institutions with similar rates. So, if you were thinking of opening a savings account and you'd like to be paid £20 for the privelige (and give me £20 as well), let me know and I will drop your name into their system.
Tags: money

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