Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

I finally crawled out of bed

Since we hit Seattle I've been running a temperature (over 100 then down to 99.6 then down to 99.8) and fighting something that swelled all the nodes and glands down the left side of my neck (very Marvin) so I've been slumped in bed or in the air mattress, looking out at the sun. This evening I'd perked up enough for us to go to Malay Sate with elimloth and have the usual (it always seems to be pad thai, mango chicken, yam pot and mango shakes) and discuss the Future of Hardware, and when we got back there was Pretty Sunset. Himself ran up the hill to get above the treeline; I just went onto the balcony ;-)

Seattle sunset panorama II
Originally uploaded by marypcb.
Tags: flickr, food, photo, seattle, travel

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