Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

OneNote Mobile - fundamentally broken

I love OneNote on Windows but I'm coming to hate it more and more on WinMo and it was one of the handful of features keeping me loyal to WinMo. I've spent far too long this morning discovering that if you rename a note on the phone it will *never* *sync* *again* - so you create a note, put lots of useful information in it, change the name and can only get the information back to your PC if you copy and paste the content by hand into a new note. Broken, broken, broken. As soon as EverNote introduces cached notes on WinMo I'll switch to that; and once I can get email flags on BlackBerry later this year, there's not going to be a lot left to keep me on WinMo. This is a Microsoft app so I think I'm being perfectly fair saying it's one more way Microsoft is letting Windows Mobile wither away into a has-been platform.
Tags: microsoft, onenote 2007, rant, smartphone, technology, windows mobile
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