Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

I want Outlook 2010 right now

There is yet another Facebook attack going around (that weird URL someone sent you? Phishing, if you couldn't already tell). I commented on a comment on Facebook and of course it's turning into a major discussion I don't particularly want to continue (does that sound rude? - but I know about the attack, I've given my view and hearing lots of people say 'oh, I saw that' isn't that interesting). Outlook 2010 will let me mark an email to be ignored and everything that's a Reply All to it will hit the bit bucket too, leaving me more time for the interesting conversations I can actually contribute something further to.

Everything else I know is going to be in Outlook 2010 (and the rest of the next Office) is covered over at</span>
Tags: articles, microsoft, microsoft office, office 14, outlook, technology, tom's guide, writing
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