Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Today, we melted chocolate

Not as impressive as freezing beer of course, but it reached 102 long before we finished the drive from LA to ***Palm Springs and the road trip food bag was tucked in the boot while we had breakfast at Figaro on Vermont (fantastic latte and the scrambled egg and bacon breakfast croissant is so yummy) and drove up to Griffith Observatory and walked around and watched huge swallowtail butterflys over the dome - one all but landed on my shoulder - and timed the Foucalt's pendulum and looked at the hydrogen atoms on the sun through a filter and experimented with camera settings to capture an arc of the pendulm and checked out the samples of the periodic table (they had hafnium but the whole bottom row was Unobtainium - Tom Lehrer duly hummed) and checked the time on one sundial and the date on another and looked across at the Hollywood sign and then drove out of LA, pausing only to do a little shopping at the Outlets by Morongo casino (I'd make the obvious joke about gambling but I believe it's a native Indian name so instead I shall say we bought beach sandals - mine have some species of very firm bubblewrap on the inner sole - and chinos - I wanted white pants but these were chino capris from Eddie Bauer in the Blakely fitting where the waist is a size smaller than the hips and such a good fit I couldn't not buy them - and cold things at Starbucks - where the banana chocolate smoothie with a shot of espresso is really rather nice) and took the slow road down the side of San Jacinto into Palm Springs.

And just before we jumped into the pool, we thought of the road food... Luckily there's a fridge in the room* and the wrappers full of chocolate sauce have resolidified into who knows what. And we have bought a small cooler bag and a pack of BetterThanIce and 3 litres of water for tomorrow.

* We're staying at the Travelodge in Palm Springs again, which is such a nice place; it looks like any old motel - any two old motels in fact - but it's been repainted and done out in bably blue and chocolate brown with suede chairs and comfy beds and good showers and there's a nice little swimming pool that's 8 ft deep at one end and a huuuge toasty warm spa pool. I had to swim in the cold pool for a long time to cool down enough to enjoy that and then it was like a bath.... Best dinner in Palm Springs so far, at the Blue Coyote Grill**. It says Mexican and Southwestern and it's Cal-Mex and Mex, I think. Mango margarita made without any rubbishing sweet and sour or other contamination, Pacifico beer, roasted corn chowder with just the right amound of celery and red pepper in a creamy soup, spice-rubbed prime rib with chipotle mash and pork carnitas steamed in a banana leaf with red chile sauce (served with black beans and queso and rice that had corn and carrot in and sour cream and amazingly creamy guacamole and tortillas to make it into burritos. Yum! And yay for Hulu; after rather too much poking at the site we were able to watch the season finale of Chuck with nary a stutter (and a scary scary Intel advert for the co-inventor of USB getting mobbed by fans in the break room). Oh Orion! Oh boy!

** Not much like the also very nice Blue Coyote of old in Oxford that tanais will remember.

***I know I last left us leaving San Francisco for Las Vegas; I will round up the SFO-LVG-CVG-MCO-CVG-LAX portion of things because we had fun and frolics, but everything after April 30th was eaten by Windows 7 RC. Just a link list for what we wrote will take a whole blog post! Today was our first whole day off to ourselves for ages (not that we don't love all the fun we have with friends and family) and we don't have to be anywhere until San Diego 10am Monday ;-) Time for an explore...
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