Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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getting ready to travel

Off to Silicon Valley on Monday instead of Las Vegas the week after (not making quite as much economic sense as it did at first sight, due to some, well, miscommunications but always worth visiting and we shall be there for my birthday so may be able to do something nice) so getting things done in a hurry.

Roots touched up: check. Am now blonde as can be.
Simon,s hair short for Orlando/Cinti heat: kind of (barely past his collar).
New PIN on new cash card and debit card: not quite. My useless bank #2 (Abbey - was going to sack useless bank #1, A&L but the account save guy persuaded me to change the account to one that has no fees by refunding the fees for sending me statements the fifth time I asked) sent me two cards and one PIN. No, it doesn't work with both of them. No, they can't get me the PIN before Monday.
New PIN on new debit card: found neatly filed in to do pile. Go back to ATM tomorrow. Leave house two days in a row!
Final tax details for my mother's estate. Eurgh. Almost done. Letter printed. 
Company and personal tax. If I don't finish the figures this weekend I can take the paperwork with me. Plus a lot of paperwork is sorted from the to do pile into a to file pile (filed!), a to do now pile (awaiting me in the sun) and a do later pile. UPDATE: notice how many of the shareholder services that tell you you can fill in bank details for direct deposit online actually mean to say you can sign up online, wait for a code to come on paper in the post and *then* fill in details online. By which time the paper form would have arrived and *they* would be doing the work. Self-service: a good con trick for reducing company admin costs.
Perishables eaten: not as urgent as sometimes. Tanais can have the big bag o' carrotts and the green ethylene absorbing bags (from the drugstore but available at Lakeland) make veg last for aaaaaages. Spring onions from February still springing.
Install and research BlackBerry small business apps: well, RIM's PR team did a sterling job of switching me over to a new handset with a SIM that doesn't complain about the app store, which works rather well actually. Next to set up PayPal on it (and doubtless discover that one of the phishing messages saying my account is locked was real).
Work out bills for next two months so no nasty surprises on the credit card. Errrmm...
Mend long white smart pants as short white pants don't look as smart as they might. May be creative and turn patch into extra back pocket.
Pack. Actually I hardly unpacked - just left things I'll probably travel with in the suitcase. Will still end up juggling piles of clothes on sunday.
Grate off knobbly bits on feet: PedEgg nowhere near as sharp as expected (expected microplane grater for skin) but gathered icky pile of skin gratings (cont tmi_chix).
Get old nail varnish off nails. Including last summer's polish on toes.
Empty camera. Of pictures taken in January. Errrmmm. Maybe I'll use the new SD card instead!
Order cat food. Boggle at how much cats eat, bookmark page and remember to come back. Notice how amount at which = free delivery by courier is just a little more than cost of food and add flea treatment. Send to Simon because it doesn't like my credit card.
Clean rug: not this time I fear.
Sort out books for BookBuyers: pile in middle hall, pile in front hall.
Review two netbooks: realise only one ever arrived :( UPDATE: Remember to actually post review at
UPDATE: Scan *yet more* statements for tax audit: a treat for this evening. Network scanning still takes two people in the absense of sheet feeder.
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