Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

A day in episodes

Maybe it's listening to Bob Dylan on xfm, but I'm thinking of sunday in episodes - or epigrams. The national 9 in Placerville is out of town but there's a nice restaurant next door (Jeds - american mexican) and while Placerville is trying hard to be quaint but you don't miss much if you miss it...

Squirrel! Or pinepork?
We saw a squirrel having breakfast on the wooded slope outside the motel room. Later in the day we saw a sign that probably said pinepark but I saw pinepork. Oakpok would be jamon iberico...

They turned on the tap
The hills up from Placerville look over a valley of apple orchards but as they get steeper you get waterfalls. And just after we arrived the water flow doubled...

River! Mountains!
Along the curves of the American river and up...

Most expensive restroom break ever
We were heading to Tahoe thinking about a restroom when I saw a store selling cow hides. I've been looking for a large black hide since we say the one on robert & carol's bed but hide is nice too. And he had a restroom...

oh look, lake
You come around a corner on a switchback descent and there's a huge blue lake...

Pink on white
We decided to drive right around the lake, dodging in and out of Nevada. The pinks and oranges of dogwgood on snow are quite lovely.

Teahouse in the lake
Emerald bay is almost cut off by the sandbar across the inlet making the bar calm and a beautiful colour. And in the middle is an island with a teahouse which you can see best by stopping either side of the avalanche zone - where we saw a tiny avalanche - and clinging on to the steep slope. The teahouse goes with the house in the woods, a fantastic pseudo-gothic confection. A few flakes of snow and more lake views.

Let sleeping bears lie
Where they're carved, draped over porches and gables on the cabins we'd call cottages.

Mmmm coffee
Tahoe House claims the best coffee on the lake; it's certainly excellent, as are the bacon-cheddar and currant scones (one each, not together!). We drink it on what seems to be the only public beach on the lake watching children hammering on the ice but sadly not falling in, with leftover carnitas from Jeds. There's a miniature dam.

Nice house
Some of the cabins are palatial. We want the one with the turrets and staircases.

Worth coming down here for the view and the gas prices
Drive off down the 50 towards Carson city and you can't turn back but the views across the valley to distant mountains are stunning and the gas is much cheaper.

Teeny tiny tunnel
We turn back to finish circumnavigating the lake which leads us to a tiny split tunnel.

Meadow or lake? (lake!)
Back into California - the casinos stop dead at the state line, into Tahoe town and back out. We pass two broad snow-filled meadows that turn out to be frozen lakes.

Sorensons horse feathers
Well, that's what the sign said...

Ok, not that pass
The 50 would have been a better bet as the pass we were heading for is closed for winter and we end up in the valley cutting through some tiny towns.

Clouds like watercarved snow
Back on the 395 we stop by a lake at sunset to watch clouds like thrown pottery or windcarved rock or the patterns a stream cuts into the snow.

Bridgeport. Sadly this closes early on a sunday night and everything at the motel (everything) has a fishing theme.

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