Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

We're on the road to Vegas

The long way round - via San Francisco (where we stopped for lunch with old friend Iain and his charming partner and found newer friend Carol having lunch - Park Chow is obviously the place to go, not least because the bacon is real bacon and the pear blueberry cobbler is yummy and the Prohibition amber ale is lip smacking...), Placerville (where we can reccomend the National 9 motel and next-door Jed's American Mexican cuisine (a tasty beer called Dead Guy (pretty good for a...) and killer carnitas which we will have enough of for breakfast) and then the East Sierras.

We've been beavering away for work; Emerging Technology is huge fun but a lot of work between sessions and writing stories and the usual week's work (we've had a white paper to do and I've enjoyed writing a piece on mass customization plus I've got an issue of IT Expert to put to bed before we get to Vegas so I've been proofing pages for days). We did see Watchmen last weekend (not entirely canon but I like it, especially the way Rorshach has a Clint Eastwood voice, although the end feels wrong and was Nite Owl meant to look so much like a young Chevy Chase?) and we snuck out on Friday for brunch with Rowan at the downtown Flames which was delightful (with a stop in the Rodin Sculpture Garden, which turns out to be on the Stanford campus and a drive over Skyline to watch the fog drift and the sun shine eerily through the trees). I would really like a couple of days where I don't do any work at all, or think about getting papers for my tax audit or do anything but read, eat, swim and sightsee. What would you call that?
Tags: travel
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