Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

H: opening up mobile browsing

Firefox on mobile phones is going to be more than just a rival to Web kit; it's going to be an application platform, with location services protected by privacy preferences, with ways of syncing your history from the desktop so the Awesome bar just works on a new phone. But it might not have Flash support...

One of our many fascinating meetings at Mobile World Congress was with Jay Sullivan, VP of mobile at the Mozilla Foundation; what he had to say about Fennec and open mobile browsing are now up as my first piece for The H (the relaunch of Heise Online for the UK, as run by one codepope of this parish).

Opening up mobile browsing: Location, privacy and web standards: as the first alpha and beta releases of Fennec, Mozilla's mobile browser, come out, Mozilla VP Jay Sullivan tells us the phone isn't a separate world any more. Does the world really need another mobile browser? Jay says...</strong>

Tags: articles, mobile, smartphone, technology, the h, web, writing
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