Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Beaten up, in a good way.

First he had me bowing, over and over again, then he hauled my legs around. Next he rained blows on my back and cracked away at the bones in my hand and wrist. Then he really dug in for a while and had me yelping as loudly as when he did my wrist. I love my osteopath! I may feel as if I've been beaten with a club (and it't not what I'd normally want the first day out of bed after a stomach bug) but now my hips work, my legs are the same length again, my symphisis is in the right place and the impaction in my wrist no longer twists my elbow out of shape (wheelie bags; they spare your back and take it out on your arms) - ready to fly off and put it all out of shape again. I may even be up to some real work again tomorrow.
Tags: health, personal

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