Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

OK, that's impressive: Windows 7 graphice driver update in place

I don't let any version of Windows update itself without asking; I hibernate every night and only reboot when I absolutley have to. (I am in the class security folk tend to call 'fearless idiots' or 'teenagers'). I only set the Windows 7 Update to go while I'm still using the PC because I so want a graphics driver that A does WDDM and B doesn't leave little parallel lines all over every window (please Intel? kthxbye)

I expected at some point it would say somethign about sytem files updated, how long am I going to postpone the update for. Instead, the scren went blank momentarily and the update succeeded. OK, I know that making the graphics card driver go in user mode rather than kernel mode and be re-entrant because of that was actually one of the major advances in Vista, and that avoids the vast majority of blue screens (asking the Intel driver to roll itself back is the only way I've made Windows 7 blue screen) - but this was so smooth and seamless and *painless* that I'm hugely impressed. Now let's hope that Intel has fixed the driver!
Tags: windows 7

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