Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

thank you Microsoft: check box select in Win 7 beta

Check box selection of files in Explorer is back in the beta of Windows 7! Well, not back because it hadn't gone away but it seems to be back as a default - I've got it in this clean install on the beta on my lovely new HP EliteBook 2730p. I'm extra glad because one of the piece of feedback I gave on the M3 pre-beta was that such a useful feature shouldn't be something users had to go dig for.

Things I also take credit for: time zone selection for application in Outlook 2007. My next project is to persuade them that I should get to choose whether an all day appointment switches to 24 hours in the original time zone when I change time zone, or stays as an all day appointment - this could be a once for all option, a choice every time (or an option to chose whether I want a universal or per-appointment setting). Because I want May 21 to stay as May 21 whenever I change time zones, but some people might like to be reminded that a back-home birthday does not start at 3am when you wake up abroad...

Now: I know this is a known bug, but Intel? Please fix your WDDM 1.1 driver so I don't get the extra lines all over my screen and have to drag windows so they redraw. KTHXBAI

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