Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Netbooks, Windows 7 and the alternative to "A or B"

Q&A: Brad Brooks, corporate vice president for Windows Consumer Product Marketing
"We think most small-notebook PC buyers are either purchasing a secondary machine or buying a PC for the first time."

So either a netbook is your first PC or it's not... or it's, well, squirrel!
OK, I'm being snarky. But really, logic, people!

It's not the secondary/first time thing I;m snarking. It's the word 'most'. Most = not all. That implies some people for whom it is neither a first PC nor an additional PC. I suppose that there are people who have been given PCs or people who have a work PC or people who run Excel on their fridge and that it's not really a logical impossibility, but to me it's like 'A or B?' 'yes'
Tags: rant, windows 7
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